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The sandwiches in our cafe are too tasty to share Discover our top 10 stories about Mary Queen of Scots and her famous family: Christmas at the Castle.

Events for all the family! Lots of great gift ideas. The Royal Military Tattoo. Edinburgh Castle is open today 9. Prisoner of War Life inside a castle is not always luxurious.

Richard "Rick" Castle is a millionaire playboy who recently killed off his main character when a serial killer starts killing people like he does in his books.

He teams up with New York police detective Kate Beckett to solve the case. He finds inspiration in Detective Beckett and starts shadowing her for his next book.

As a dedicated Nathan Fillion fan I had to watch this show to support my favorite actor, but a few minutes into the pilot I knew I was in.

Not only was Fillion perfect for his role as Rick Castle, but the rest of the cast fits together like a strange, yet very close family.

By the end of the episode I was hooked. This show has it all, mystery, intrigue, comedy and relationships, beyond romance.

It is relieving to have a show that is not only about the two main characters relationship, but also the daughter and mother and their corky relation to Castle.

This show is a perfect ten! Here's hoping it has a longer run than Fillion's other work!!! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.

Renewed, Canceled, and on the Bubble. Complete Premiere Schedule. Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Week of September Serie Tv non mi sono pentito di aver visto.

How Much Have You Seen? De grundade sitt första behandlingshem, Clouds House i England, , och var även med och grundade European Addiction Treatment Agency i början av talet.

Personalen är engagerad i sitt arbete och bryr sig om sina patienter. I Hälsodepartementets senaste inspektionsrapport fick Castle Craig betyget 6 "utmärkt" och 5 "mycket bra" inom samtliga tjänster.

Vi följer forskningsutvecklingen, deltar och närvarar vid konferenser och bedriver egen forskning. Castle Craig ligger inbäddat i 20 hektar privat skogsmark, vilket ger avskildhet, lugn och ro.

Beroende är en sjukdom Alkohol- och narkotikaberoende är klassade som kroniska hjärnsjukdomar. Personer som utvecklat ett beroende känner sig tvingade att fortsätta sitt beteende trots att de upplever skador; Förnekelse: Fortsätter att dricka eller ta narkotika trots skadliga effekter.

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Cannabis är den är det vanligaste narkotikapreparatet, följt av amfetamin och heroin. Grunden utgörs alltid av 12 stegsprogram i grupp som kompletteras med kognitiv beteendeterapi KBT och andra evidensbaserade insatser.

Patienterna inkvarteras i eget eller delat rum med hotellstandard. Alkohol- och narkotikaberoende är klassade som kroniska hjärnsjukdomar. Den här definitionen innebär att beroende inte bara är ett beteendeproblem och att det inte är individens fel om den har utvecklat sjukdomen.

De beskriver beroendet som primär vilket innebär att det inte orsakas av andra känslomässiga eller psykiska problem.

Vanliga följdsjukdomar är en nedsatt funktion av vitala organ som t. Detta bidrar till att bekämpa infektioner och främja kroppens naturliga läkningsprocesser.

An example of this is the 16th century Bubaqra Castle in Bubaqra , Malta, which was modified in the 18th century. Revival or mock castles became popular as a manifestation of a Romantic interest in the Middle Ages and chivalry , and as part of the broader Gothic Revival in architecture.

This was because to be faithful to medieval design would have left the houses cold and dark by contemporary standards. Artificial ruins , built to resemble remnants of historic edifices, were also a hallmark of the period.

They were usually built as centre pieces in aristocratic planned landscapes. Follies were similar, although they differed from artificial ruins in that they were not part of a planned landscape, but rather seemed to have no reason for being built.

Both drew on elements of castle architecture such as castellation and towers, but served no military purpose and were solely for display.

An earth and timber castle was cheaper and easier to erect than one built from stone. The costs involved in construction are not well-recorded, and most surviving records relate to royal castles.

The source of man-power was probably from the local lordship, and the tenants would already have the necessary skills of felling trees, digging, and working timber necessary for an earth and timber castle.

Possibly coerced into working for their lord, the construction of an earth and timber castle would not have been a drain on a client's funds.

The high cost, relative to other castles of its type, was because labourers had to be imported. The cost of building a castle varied according to factors such as their complexity and transport costs for material.

It is certain that stone castles cost a great deal more than those built from earth and timber. It was usual for a stone castle to take the best part of a decade to finish.

All this takes no account of the garrison Of which there will have to be a great quantity The men's pay has been and still is very much in arrears, and we are having the greatest difficulty in keeping them because they have simply nothing to live on.

Not only were stone castles expensive to build in the first place, but their maintenance was a constant drain. They contained a lot of timber, which was often unseasoned and as a result needed careful upkeep.

Medieval machines and inventions, such as the treadwheel crane , became indispensable during construction, and techniques of building wooden scaffolding were improved upon from Antiquity.

Many countries had both timber and stone castles, [] however Denmark had few quarries and as a result most of its castles are earth and timber affairs, or later on built from brick.

Brick castles are less common in England than stone or earth and timber constructions, and often it was chosen for its aesthetic appeal or because it was fashionable, encouraged by the brick architecture of the Low Countries.

For example, when Tattershall Castle was built between and , there was plenty of stone available nearby, but the owner, Lord Cromwell, chose to use brick.

Due to the lord's presence in a castle, it was a centre of administration from where he controlled his lands.

He relied on the support of those below him, as without the support of his more powerful tenants a lord could expect his power to be undermined.

Successful lords regularly held court with those immediately below them on the social scale, but absentees could expect to find their influence weakened.

Larger lordships could be vast, and it would be impractical for a lord to visit all his properties regularly so deputies were appointed.

This especially applied to royalty, who sometimes owned land in different countries. To allow the lord to concentrate on his duties regarding administration, he had a household of servants to take care of chores such as providing food.

The household was run by a chamberlain, while a treasurer took care of the estate's written records. Royal households took essentially the same form as baronial households, although on a much larger scale and the positions were more prestigious.

As social centres castles were important places for display. Builders took the opportunity to draw on symbolism, through the use of motifs, to evoke a sense of chivalry that was aspired to in the Middle Ages amongst the elite.

Later structures of the Romantic Revival would draw on elements of castle architecture such as battlements for the same purpose.

Castles have been compared with cathedrals as objects of architectural pride, and some castles incorporated gardens as ornamental features.

Courtly love was the eroticisation of love between the nobility. Emphasis was placed on restraint between lovers. Though sometimes expressed through chivalric events such as tournaments , where knights would fight wearing a token from their lady, it could also be private and conducted in secret.

The legend of Tristan and Iseult is one example of stories of courtly love told in the Middle Ages.

The purpose of marriage between the medieval elites was to secure land. Girls were married in their teens, but boys did not marry until they came of age.

This derives from the image of the castle as a martial institution, but most castles in England, France, Ireland, and Scotland were never involved in conflicts or sieges, so the domestic life is a neglected facet.

It was her duty to administer them directly, as the lord administered his own land. Because of their influence within the medieval household, women influenced construction and design, sometimes through direct patronage; historian Charles Coulson emphasises the role of women in applying "a refined aristocratic taste" to castles due to their long term residence.

The positioning of castles was influenced by the available terrain. Multiple factors were considered when choosing a site, balancing between the need for a defendable position with other considerations such as proximity to resources.

For instance many castles are located near Roman roads, which remained important transport routes in the Middle Ages, or could lead to the alteration or creation of new road systems in the area.

Where available it was common to exploit pre-existing defences such as building with a Roman fort or the ramparts of an Iron Age hillfort.

A prominent site that overlooked the surrounding area and offered some natural defences may also have been chosen because its visibility made it a symbol of power.

As castles were not simply military buildings but centres of administration and symbols of power, they had a significant impact on the surrounding landscape.

Placed by a frequently-used road or river, the toll castle ensured that a lord would get his due toll money from merchants. Rural castles were often associated with mills and field systems due to their role in managing the lord's estate, [] which gave them greater influence over resources.

Fish ponds were a luxury of the lordly elite, and many were found next to castles. Not only were they practical in that they ensured a water supply and fresh fish, but they were a status symbol as they were expensive to build and maintain.

Although sometimes the construction of a castle led to the destruction of a village, such as at Eaton Socon in England, it was more common for the villages nearby to have grown as a result of the presence of a castle.

Sometimes planned towns or villages were created around a castle. During and shortly after the Norman Conquest of England, castles were inserted into important pre-existing towns to control and subdue the populace.

They were usually located near any existing town defences, such as Roman walls, although this sometimes resulted in the demolition of structures occupying the desired site.

As the military importance of urban castles waned from their early origins, they became more important as centres of administration, and their financial and judicial roles.

The location of castles in relation to high status features, such as fish ponds, was a statement of power and control of resources.

Also often found near a castle, sometimes within its defences, was the parish church. The approach was long and took the viewer around the castle, ensuring they got a good look before entering.

Moreover, the gunports were impractical and unlikely to have been effective. As a static structure, castles could often be avoided. However, leaving an enemy behind would allow them to interfere with communications and make raids.

Garrisons were expensive and as a result often small unless the castle was important. Even in war, garrisons were not necessarily large as too many people in a defending force would strain supplies and impair the castle's ability to withstand a long siege.

Early on, manning a castle was a feudal duty of vassals to their magnates, and magnates to their kings, however this was later replaced with paid forces.

Under him would have been knights who by benefit of their military training would have acted as a type of officer class.

Below them were archers and bowmen, whose role was to prevent the enemy reaching the walls as can be seen by the positioning of arrowslits.

If it was necessary to seize control of a castle an army could either launch an assault or lay siege. It was more efficient to starve the garrison out than to assault it, particularly for the most heavily defended sites.

Without relief from an external source, the defenders would eventually submit. Sieges could last weeks, months, and in rare cases years if the supplies of food and water were plentiful.

A long siege could slow down the army, allowing help to come or for the enemy to prepare a larger force for later.

If forced to assault a castle, there were many options available to the attackers. For wooden structures, such as early motte-and-baileys, fire was a real threat and attempts would be made to set them alight as can be seen in the Bayeux Tapestry.

These weapons were vulnerable to fire from the castle as they had a short range and were large machines. Conversely, weapons such as trebuchets could be fired from within the castle due to the high trajectory of its projectile, and would be protected from direct fire by the curtain walls.

Ballistas or springalds were siege engines that worked on the same principles as crossbows. With their origins in Ancient Greece, tension was used to project a bolt or javelin.

Missiles fired from these engines had a lower trajectory than trebuchets or mangonels and were more accurate. They were more commonly used against the garrison rather than the buildings of a castle.

Walls could be undermined by a sap. A mine leading to the wall would be dug and once the target had been reached, the wooden supports preventing the tunnel from collapsing would be burned.

It would cave in and bring down the structure above. A counter-mine could be dug towards the besiegers' tunnel; assuming the two converged, this would result in underground hand-to-hand combat.

Mining was so effective that during the siege of Margat in when the garrison were informed a sap was being dug they surrendered.

They were used to force open the castle gates, although they were sometimes used against walls with less effect. As an alternative to the time-consuming task of creating a breach, an escalade could be attempted to capture the walls with fighting along the walkways behind the battlements.

Once ditches around a castle were partially filled in, these wooden, movable towers could be pushed against the curtain wall.

As well as offering some protection for those inside, a siege tower could overlook the interior of a castle, giving bowmen an advantageous position from which to unleash missiles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fortified residential structure of medieval Europe. This article is about medieval fortifications. For other uses, see Castle disambiguation.

Life inside a castle is not always luxurious. In the 18th century Edinburgh castle is not a residence of royalty, but So often World War I is seen through the eyes of those who fought on the front.

Robert the Bruce welcomes visitors everyday at th… twitter. Treat yourself to a wee cappuccino in our Tea Rooms this CappuccinoDay: Did anyone witness the magical skies this morning?

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A solution to this was spanische liega pull down the top of a tower and to fill the lower part with the rubble to provide a surface for the guns to fire from. Its purpose was twofold; to stop devices such as 10er fußball towers from reaching the curtain wall and to prevent the walls from being undermined. Curtain walls were defensive walls enclosing a bailey. Week of September While castles were used to hold a site and control movement Beste Spielothek in Buchhausen finden armies, in the Holy Land some key strategic positions were left unfortified. Serie Tv non mi sono pentito di aver visto. Prisoner of War Life inside a castle is not always luxurious. Royal households took essentially the same form as baronial households, although on a much larger scale slots games monkey the positions were more prestigious. Their decoration emulated Romanesque architectureand sometimes incorporated double windows similar to those found in church bell towers. Many countries had both timber messi tore stone castles, slot bedeutung however Denmark had few quarries and as a result most of its castles are earth and timber affairs, or later on built from brick.

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