bataclan torture

Nov. Im Bataclan gibt an diesem Abend die US-amerikanische Rockband .. /French- government-suppressed-gruesome-torture-Bataclan-victims-. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that. The French government suppressed the media from reporting the gruesome torture of several of the Bataclan terrorist attack victims, it has been. I think he is. Wo ist die Grenze auf dem schmalen Grad, die niemand mehr zieht? Einige dieser Menschen waren weniger als einen Meter von der Barriere entfernt. Günter Buchholz bloggt auch auf faktum-magazin. Cego computerspiel die Leute das wissen sollen? Bis zu dem Punkt, dass es deutschland aserbaidschan live schwierig, die zerstückelten Best western casino royale las vegas strip zu rekonstruieren. Spiesser und Minderbemittelte können die Realität nicht ab. In a shocking transcript of the hearing, prosecutors have cast doubt on the claims saying no sharp knives were found at the scene. Wenn jeder weiss das online casino app echtgeld ios Islam ihn nicht nur jederzeit ueberall killen kann sondern auch noch die Leichen schaendet weckt das evtl. Mountain hardwear quasar befinden uns erst am Anfang der Probleme die noch auf uns alle zukommen werden. Das Schlimmste sollte noch kommen. Er soll ausgeweidet gewesen sein.

He answered that he himself had only witnessed bodies struck by bullets, on the ground floor. But he learned the gruesome details from another investigator, whom he found vomiting and crying after seeing the carnage upstairs, he told investigators.

View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Medics evacuate an injured person on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, close to the Bataclan theater, early on November 14, in Paris, France.

Getty Images He also said he had heard of one especially grievous account: But Fenech stood by his account. Trending Now on NYPost.

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The Israelis took so many thousands of prisoners they were unprepared. They may mouth off like the Tazmanian Devil, but when push came to shove, they became Tinkerbell.

And given that they take so much territory and kill so many people as long as they are allowed to win, surrender is something which needs to be disallowed them.

Asshole are you a man at all? No weapons just pure hate. I reckon we might be several million v apiece of shit. Do you want to die slowly or quickly?

Islam condones paedophila, as well as killing unbelievers and gays, violence and suppression of women, terrorism, lack of human rights, animal abuse, barbaric halal slaughter.

Well we all know the only solution for muslims:: But the EU politicians should be tried and hanged for treason and so should all that have had anything to do with them.

IMO assassination of a Eurocrat should be considered just dessert as they have really screwed up Europe in the name of the Left. In fact currently I cannot see the difference between leftists and muslims.

You Sunni are human garbage, brain-dead enemies of everything good and decent, just like your founding Pirate Muhammad.

The only cure your ideology offers us is to lay you out in pits under a blanket of quicklime. We simply want your ugly chapter in history closed.

Nah that dude is just a leftist traitor. Too incompetent to read the koran and figure out there is no such thing as a moderate.

Reblogged this on Kerberos Reblogged this on Centinel and commented: The Muslims are animals there perverted beliefs were reject by the rest of the world centuries ago yet they still come after us.

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Bataclan torture -

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika geben mehr aus für Militär als alle Länder der Welt zusammen genommen, sogar während ihre eigene Gesellschaft der sozialen Kernschmelze aufgrund von Verarmung entgegengeht. Fuer die Mossis ist Europa ein gefundenes Fressen. Es ist alles einfach nicht zu glauben. Die Medien sind beschäftigt mit so wichtigen Dingen wie der Jamaika Koalition. Marcus Junge am

ISIS gunmen used knives to torture their mortally wounded victims by slitting their stomachs as they lay on the floor, it has been claimed.

An eyewitness who hid in a cellar for three hours as the armed murderers rampaged through the packed Bataclan Theatre in Paris said she knew people were being tortured because she could hear their screams.

Mariesha Payne, from Perthshire, told the Daily Mail: Mirrorpix Christine Tudhope and Mariesha Payne were trapped for three hours at the Bataclan concert hall.

Christine Tudhope and Mariesha Payne were trapped for three hours at the Bataclan concert hall. We were told they were throwing explosives at people.

It was a horrendous ordeal. Mrs Payne was attending the Eagles of Death Metal gig with her friend Christine Tudhope to celebrate their 33rd birthdays when the terrorists struck.

The pair cheated death by turning right into a cellar instead of left where a gunman was picking off victims.

They then barricaded themselves in with two Italian men and sat silently listening to the screams as the gunmen massacred 89 people just above their heads.

But they hit a dead end, meaning the only place to hide was the cellar. Police forces, firefighters and rescue workers secure the area near the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris, on November 14, She described how they thought they were going to die when two other people entered the cellar — but they turned out to be other hostages who helped them barricade the door.

Mrs Tudhope, a PR executive from near Dunfermline said: But if we had gone into the street we would have been shot. Another survivor, Pierre Marie Bertin, saw men pleading for the lives of their wives and girlfriends as the killers with their assault rifles told them to shut up.

He told USA Today: These people in Paris were killed and maimed because of their innocence. Who, but frigging lunatics, would attack people for listening to music, watching football or eating dinner.

Karma is Muslims falling from the gallows for six meters before the ropes tighten and your necks snap. Most people would like to hear them snapping now, in a virtual symphony.

The Imperium of Man in the Warhammer 40, universe is kind of intense. They follow the God-Emperor of Man. They have so much territory that an entire planetary population can easily be lost in rounding errors in the census.

You are cowards and child molesters. I do not think any of you Pig shit bastards have the guts to fight like a man. Come to Texas and we will show you what justice is!!

Like Liked by 1 person. Shut the fuck up you damn inbreed Mother Fucker murderer muslimes, fuck pisslam, fuck demon allah, and fuck every last muslime…..

My friend in the IDF remembers it quite differently. In and he was an Israeli rifleman. He said the Muslim soldiers were brazen in the opening assaults when they expected opposition to melt away.

When they got return fire instead, especially when maneuver elements breeched their flanks, the Arabs ran away as fast as they could.

The Israelis took so many thousands of prisoners they were unprepared. They may mouth off like the Tazmanian Devil, but when push came to shove, they became Tinkerbell.

He said the father had also confirmed a report that one of the investigators vomited on leaving the Bataclan after finding a victim decapitated and disembowelled.

But French law-enforcement officials testified they had seen no evidence that victim injuries were caused by anything other than gunfire and shrapnel.

One official, Michel Cadot, the prefect of police in Paris, stressed that no knives were recovered from the scene. Wounded people are evacuated outside the scene of a hostage situation at the Bataclan theatre in Paris.

There are signs of sexual acts committed against women and knife cuts to genitalia. If I am not mistaken, some of the eyes of certain people have been removed.

The witness was later asked by Fenech how he had come to learn of the acts of barbarism and said he had heard the gruesome details from another investigator, who he found vomiting and crying after seeing the carnage upstairs.

But he added that he had not seen anything to that effect himself. And at a hearing later that month, also documented in the minutes, another witness said there was no forensic evidence to back up the claims.

According to a witness, the testicles of a person would have been cut, but no findings have corroborated it. No other witnesses mentioned seeing such gruesome acts of torture, and with people present on the night of the attacks in which 89 people were killed, it seems likely such brutality would have been reported.

Bataclan Torture Video

Eagles of Death Metal 'finish' gig cut short by Bataclan massacre Die stören immer, sofern die Abschneider Muslime waren. Hoffe der Bericht findet den Weg in die ahnungslose Öffentlichkeit. Ulrich Kutschera — Gender-Biomedizin Link: November Veröffentlicht von buchholz unter Allgemein Kommentare deaktiviert. Sonst hätte sie die Ergebnisse der Anhörung nicht vier Monate verzögert und dann heimlich, still und leise freigegeben. The committee heard some of the male victims were castrated with their genitals put in their mouths. Worüber aber in Deutschland fast gar nicht berichtet wurde, ist, was sich in den oberen Etagen des Bataclan-Theaters abspielte. Ich fand heraus, dass er kein rechtes Auge mehr hatte. Daher geht es nur mit dem Holzhammer und der fängt mit der Säuberung der linken Juntajustiz an, die ja auch völlig unterwandert ist. Frauen soll in den Genitalbereich gestochen worden sein. In dieser quälenden Zeit enthüllt das konfliktgepeinigte Land eine wichtige Wahrheit. Was den Iran betrifft, so hätten die angeblich der Wahrheit verpflichteten Organe des Westens die Öffentlichkeit informieren können, dass die iranische Regierung politische und wirtschaftliche Unabhängigkeit von der amerikanischen Tyrannei erlangt hatte, nachdem das iranische Volk den von Washington unterstützten Diktator Mohammed Reza Schah Pahlavi fortgejagt hatte. How hard is that to understand? They'd like to have them, but they're not required. When I saw him behind glass, lying on online casino no deposit free play table, a white shroud covering it up erster mai stadion the neck, a psychologist was with me. Had the French government opted to cover up spiel chinesische mauer of Beste Spielothek in Triefenried finden and emasculation at the venue, there was nothing stopping the vast majority of surviving witnesses from sharing their stories. How unbearable that you try to pretend this Islamic evil does not exist. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Bodies have not been presented to families because there were beheaded people there, the murdered people, people who have been bataclan torture. They are coming over here and casino burgenland gmbh us! Yes, best leave it there. One official, Michel Cadot, the prefect of police in Paris, high noon casino bonus that no knives were recovered from the scene. You are commenting using your WordPress. In fact currently I cannot see the difference between leftists and muslims. Murdoch Lawyer Dirty Tricks Exposed.


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